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Too much information is never enough

Account Profiling

An exceptional call center service for your prospects as well as your customers.


You can never have too much information about your customers and prospects. LeadMaster’s Call Center Service reps provide account profiling services to give you a comprehensive understanding of the structure, projects, decision makers, budgets, timeframes, suppliers, preferred vendors and decision making process of your prospects and current customer base.

This is an excellent tool/service not only for new prospects but also for expanding business within an existing account. Account profiling is a valuable asset when it comes time for account planning. It will help you optimize the use of your sales resources.

Don't accept a spreadsheet
It isn't enough to just gather the data. It has to be presented to the sales organization in a way they can and will use. Some Call Centers provide this account profiling data in an email, spreadsheet or word file (one of the reasons more than 50% of all leads get lost in the process).


The best way to provide an account profile to a sales rep is with an on-line, easy to use lead management system. LeadMaster’s lead management system provides easy access to account profiles where everything a sales rep would like to know about a customer/contact can be viewed on a single screen. It also provides management with a tool to quickly see the progress of all the sales leads.

How do we do that?
It starts with quality people. We hire reputable people from your industry to talk to your prospects in our call center. Each industry has a language of its own and it’s important that we speak “your language”. Then we engage the customer in an open-ended dialogue. We don’t read a script. Finally we take notes as the conversation progresses and then present that valuable insight to you in the on-demand LeadMaster lead management system so you’ll have a permanent record of it and your sales reps can have access to it anywhere they have internet access. They’ll know who the decision makers are, their budgets, the opportunities and timeframes.

Think of it as intelligence gathering. We call dozens of people inside the account. We piece together the information and present it to you in our secure on-line CRM system. And that’s just one of the many call center solutions available from LeadMaster.

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An Excellent Tool for Customers and Prospects

We'll gather as much information about your clients and prospects as you need and even more if you want. In the technology industry, many new initiatives and projects focus on solutions and services as well as the common hardware and software purchases. Our lead qualifying staff is able to uncover pain points and corporate objectives while providing detailed conversation notes regarding new solutions and service opportunities.



Customized Data Reports

We provide account profiles on-line so they can be accessed by your sales reps in real-time while in the field anywhere there is an internet connection. No more outdated spreadsheets.



Experience Counts

Our reps have years of industry experience, we speak your language. Their in-depth knowledge base of the hardware and software industries allows our lead qualifiers to ask highly specialized questions and attain valuable company insight. Solution and service qualified leads allow for a more in-depth understanding of your customers and result in better relationships with your clients.