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Appointment Setting

How about getting a jump on your competition?


It takes an experienced sales rep to set an appointment with the right level person who is the real decision maker and that's just what you'll get with the LeadMaster appointment setting program.

The LeadMaster appointment setting campaign will improve the quality of your pipeline of opportunities by generating your choice of phone or face-to-face appointments.

The appointment setting program works best when combined with the account profiling campaign so that sales reps know all the people involved in the decision making process and have a better chance of closing the sale.

The majority of a sales person's time is spent on activities other than selling - less than 15% on lead development. In fact, studies have shown that the average sales rep only gets 4 to 6 hours a week of face time with their customers. Why not supercharge your sales team by making the time they do spend selling more productive by giving them prospects who are interested enough in your products to agree to a meeting and not waste their time with requests that may never lead to a sale?

We organize our agents by industry so they are knowledgeable about your specific business and can speak the language of your industry. They'll engage the customer in an open-ended dialog to understand their current business challenges and how your products might be able to address those issues. Prospects are much more likely to agree to a meeting when they feel that the person on the other end of the phone understands their business and is proposing a solution to a current business problem.

LeadMaster provides appointment setting services either through traditional fee for services or on a pay-for-performance model after the meetings take place. This is just one of the many call center solutions LeadMaster provides.


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Let Your Sales Reps focus on Selling

We'll find the prospects who have an active project and are interested in your solutions. We'll set the appointments for you!



Appointment Confirmation

We'll confirm each appointment to significantly reduce the number of no-shows or meetings with non-decision makers.



Experience Counts

Our reps have years of industry experience. We speak your language.



We'll introduce you to the prospect

No need to arrive at the appointment without talking with the prospect first. We'll introduce your sales rep to the prospect before the appointment. If you want we'll call the day before to confirm the appointment.