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Audience Aquisition

It's nice to have a full house...


Whether it's a webinar, a seminar, a trade show, a virtual trade show, a conference, a training session, a road show or a product introduction there are times when you need a little extra boost engaging customers to attend your company event.

That's where LeadMaster comes in. We get the right people - the ones who fit your customer profile - aware of your event and we get them there.
We do this by working closely with you to develop a unique strategy to target your market, market to your segmentation, get the appropriate titles, compile a call list and develop a script.

We then start calling and immediately start providing you with feedback from those who decline. Whether there is something else going on that day, or perhaps the script isn't right, or the target market is wrong our approach gives us immediate feedback and an opportunity to change course to make it right.

For those who do sign up to attend, their names automatically flow right into the LeadMaster system so that you'll be able to check our progress 24/7. We can set up landing pages for your online registrations to flow into the LeadMaster system. The day before the event we send them a reminder email and the day of the event we call them to confirm their attendance.


As a follow-up to the event we provide you with a complete report of the number of people called, how many we reached, how many said they'd attend and how many actually attended. Because all of the information is entered into the LeadMaster system you'll be able to data mine every customer’s response to get a better idea of what your target market wants from your events.

You invest a lot of time and money in your event marketing. The incremental cost of getting a full house is small compared to the overall cost. Give LeadMaster a try. You'll be glad you did. Audience Acquisition is just one of the many Call Center Services provided by LeadMaster.


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Getting People In the Door

We'll give your that extra boost to get more of the right people to your event. Our team can secure the calling database, develop the call guide or script, execute the program and provide post-campaign analysis. 




Yes, we provide valuable feedback, especially from those who have declined to come to your event, helping us to perfect the invitation. LeadMaster provides a wide variety of reporting to track prospects during the registration drive and has extensive built-in and customizable reporting capabilities as well.  This provides you with the ability to view up-to-the-minute results in real-time.



Online Registrations

Registration is automated with landing pages and web form data flowing directly into the LeadMaster system.  LeadMaster has built-in web forms, or you can link your web forms to LeadMaster using the built-in tool or your web forms can be linked to LeadMaster by LeadMaster.