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Experience Counts.

With over 800 programs in the last 10 years, LeadMaster has learned how to deliver quality results.


We're different, we invest in people

Our business model is different from most of our competitors. We have a small facility and large virtual workforce. With today's technology it is easy to monitor and manage people without having them sit in the same building. We've found that by investing in people instead of a facility (rent, insurance, cubicles, security, heating, cooling, electricity, water etc.) we are better able to recruit and retain a better and more productive workforce. Because most of our workers are virtual our business model allows them to spend only 3-4 hours a day on the phone. This keeps them fresh and able to have quality business discussions with prospects.


We don't just read a script

Scripts are useful for collecting the required data from your prospects, however, tele-reps don't need to simply read from a script. LeadMaster scripts contain open-ended questions so that we can engage in a conversation with your prospects. This type of scripting enables us to have a peer level dialog. In addition to the checkboxes we fill out with the quantitative information for your program we also provide a summary paragraph of each conversation.


Cross Training

This isn't about lifting weights and doing aerobics. It's about understanding all the facets of a business so the conversation can go in a variety of directions. When we have a prospect on the phone and they have an opportunity we'll talk to them about it regardless of the division that person works in. That's where cross training comes in. We are able to understand both your industry and your complete line of business to gather all the appropriate information.


Campaign management from an ROI perspective

We've got your best interests at heart and we manage your campaign with that in mind. We'll ask you what your expectations are before we begin. We continuously monitor the ROI for your campaign and if we aren't meeting expectations we investigate, adjust and rework as necessary to make the program a success.


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Investing in people

If you want a rookie talking to your prospects then talk to the people who invest in a traditional call center facility. If you want quality people delivering quality results, talk to LeadMaster. We invest in people.




We need to engage in a conversation - not blast prospects with questions firing off one after another. We listen to what the prospect has to say, this helps us uncover the challenges, needs and other opportunities. Scripting is one of the most important parts of your program. We'll tweak it until we get the results you want.



While I've got you on the phone

When we get a prospect on the phone and they've got a business problem our reps are trained to get all the details and record them in the LeadMaster system. We cross train so that we can have a discussion based upon the client opportunity, not the script.



Return on Investment

We work hard to deliver the best ROI possible for your program. Your success is our success. We want to do business with you again and again. We won't get that opportunity if we don't meet or exceed your expectations.