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Channel Development

LeadMaster provides the components for successful channel development.


By using LeadMaster’s Call Center Services, you’ll tap into our channel development resources who are focused on making your business grow through business partners.

Starting with recruiting, our highly experienced channel development team will reach out to your potential channel partners - (VARs, Distributors, Consultants, Businesses, etc.). They have the knowledge and experience to understand your business proposition and communicate it to your potential partners. The goal is to get an actionable commitment from potential partners and qualify them to be sure they are a good fit for your business model. LeadMaster facilitates the reseller recruiting process by providing call center services to manage the partner registration and management process. With LeadMaster’s CRM software program you’ll get comprehensive feedback to gain greater insight into exact status of your reseller recruitment program.

Once partners are on board LeadMaster provides a seamless interface between you and your channel through the LeadMaster sales CRM system. Leads flow from your marketing activities directly into the LeadMaster system. Using the built-in workflow automation the leads are routed to the appropriate partner based upon your business rules. Each partner will have their own login to the lead portal where they can access only the leads they’ve been assigned. This helps ensure timely follow up to strengthen account development efforts, improve reseller commitment and reduce your staff’s effort in the lead management process.

Next LeadMaster can help enable your partners with your marketing programs. Using custom LeadMaster web portals partners have access to your marketing tools. If you provide MDF those funds can be used to support the partner marketing activities directly and automatically from the web portal.

Finally, LeadMaster can enhance the communication between you and your partners both using our call center services and the LeadMaster sales CRM tool, which provides email marketing, lead nurturing and workflow automation tools to automate communication.

The result is stronger relationships and substantially better revenue.


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Make the Most of our Resources

We'll use our business resources to tap into your potential channel partners, helping to grow your business.



Our Recruits are Recruiting
for You

They understand your business and can speak your language to communicate to facilitate the partner recruiting process, including qualifying and registration.



Channel Management

Once in place, we'll manage your business channels for you.



Enhanced Communications

Using our channel management process will enhance the communication between you and your business partners.