Appointment Setting – We set appointments with decision makers that meet qualifying criteria established by both LeadMaster and our client.


Lead Generation – LeadMaster employs a unique combination of methodology, experience, and the right resources to consistently produce high quality leads and appointments.


Tele-Selling – LeadMaster’s Call Center provides tele-selling services tailored specifically for your company, freeing up your sales reps to go out and sell.


Account Profiling – LeadMaster’s call center sales team will call into target accounts to accurately determine current and future projects, budgets, decision makers and timelines.

Audience Acquisition – We deliver qualified attendee’s to your event by developing a targeted list and reaching out to them with information they need in order to generate interest in your event.

Channel Development – By working with LeadMaster’s call center reps who understand the business dynamics and competitive landscape of your market we can develop an effective channel strategy that will help grow your business.

Lead Nurturing – Our experts ensure leads are nurtured until they're sales ready.

Prospecting – Our team of professionals understand that the key to successful prospecting resides in the ability to engage the prospect in open-ended conversations.

Targeting the Market – LeadMaster will customize a program for you that identifies, qualifies and targets an audience specifically aimed at your market increasing your company’s revenue.

Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Telemarketing, Teleselling...


Whatever you call it, every company needs more of it. You need skilled persuasion artists who know how to work the phones, how to reach your target market, and how to build a robust database of leads that keeps giving, now and over time. Your sales team needs a call center partner that produces more hot leads that turn into sales and nurtures the cool leads for future sales conversion. That’s the benefit of LeadMaster.

It starts with LeadMaster CRM software, an on-demand web-based lead tracking system used by thousands of corporate users around the world and by our own call center agents. Then we assign as many agents as you need, from one to a full team. Our lead generation experts have years of experience in the field, coming from corporate backgrounds in sales and technology, so they know how to gain access and easily converse with decision makers. Their mission? Seek and find the opportunities. Connect with the right people. Deliver the leads to you in a form that’s easy to use. In other words, build a solid foundation for sales.

LeadMaster has worked with virtually every industry and we can help you implement a customized solution that is adapted for your industry, company and situation. We’d be happy to talk with you about a solution for your individual needs.

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