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Lead Capture

Why do I need a lead capture service?


A lead capture service is often the key difference between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one. If your company is not equipped to handle the volume of telephone calls your marketing will generate, then you will not obtain the maximum return on your marketing investment. However, if you employ a service, such as LeadMaster’s Call Center, a trained representative will be available to take callers’ information, portray a professional business image, and provide the callers’ information to you to make sure you don't miss any leads. If your company is not equipped with multiple phone lines to ensure callers will not reach voicemail or get a busy signal then you need a lead capture service.


LeadMaster’s Call Center Solutions is Right for You

LeadMaster’s web-based application lets our call center reps enter information in real-time so that you get next-generation analytics reports enabling users to get instant access to valuable information. There is less than a tenth of a second delay between someone clicking on a page and that data being viewable in a reporting area.


Easy Lead Capture from Multiple Sources

To ensure sales opportunities don't fall between the cracks, LeadMaster lets you import leads from multiple sources into the same system the Call Center uses. Capture leads:

• Landing Pages (online registration, contact us, any web form)
• 3rd party lead providers
• Sales rep's Excel and email files
• Existing databases
• Trade show sign ups
• Direct mail response

We've discovered that the secret to flawless sales lead capture is to make it easy for our users to input leads automatically from a wide range of sources - another of our best practices. This usability results in fewer dropped leads and more sales.


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Lead Capture

LeadMaster will accurately capture the prospect information and ensure that all LeadMaster provided creative materials are brand compliant. 



Account History

The sales ready leads are assigned to the sales team through our online CRM. Our industry experienced telemarketers and lead drivers create a history of details so that the sales rep instantly knows the entire history of the relationship with that prospect.  As the sales rep engages with the prospect and updates the LeadMaster online CRM system, the progress of that engagement is available to sales and marketing management through LeadMaster reports.



No Leads Left Behind

LeadMaster is committed to helping you take full advantage of the leads generated by your marketing efforts by capturing each and every one in the LeadMaster CRM system.