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Helping you move more leads through the sales cycle.

Lead Driving

Where did all those leads go?


For most companies it used to be that marketing would generate the sales leads. Sales would get the leads and cherry pick the most lucrative ones and then forget about the rest.

Does that mean that those leads couldn’t turn into a sale sometime in the future? Of course not. In fact, most of them will convert into customers sometime in the future. Unfortunately you can’t close a sale on those leads if they end up in the recycle bin. What’s the solution?

The solution is the LeadMaster lead driver program provided to you through the LeadMaster Call Center. We’ve run hundreds upon hundreds of campaigns and this is our answer to that question. Our lead drivers work with your field sales, inside sales and partner sales organizations to update the status and nature of every lead and help move it through the sales cycle until it is either closed or exhausted.


For example, what happens to the lead if it is assigned to a new sales rep? Chances are the new rep will focus on the big accounts and that lead will get lost. Not so with the LeadMaster lead driving service.

The LeadMaster lead drivers have decades of sales experience. They know what it's like to sell with the constant pressure from management and from customers to produce results. They are sensitive to the time constraints on the sales reps. Call center lead drivers are there to help. Not only do they update the disposition of a lead they can also help it keep moving through the sales cycle.

Sales and Marketing Management will now know exactly what happened to all those sales leads when they use LeadMaster lead drivers. Lead driving is just one of the many call center solutions offered by LeadMaster.


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Helping Companies Grow

Your sales team needs a call center partner that produces more hot leads that turn into sales and nurtures the cool leads for future sales conversion. That’s the benefit of LeadMaster’s Call Center Solutions.



Put Us in the Driver's Seat

LeadMaster will help drive leads through your channel.  We’ll work with the channel reps to keep actively working the lead until it is either closed or dead.  Not only will you sell more but you’ll also know who sold what providing a better picture of your marketing ROI.



Experience Makes a Difference

Our industry experienced telemarketers and lead drivers are committed to helping you take full advantage of the leads generated by your marketing efforts by capturing each and every one in the LeadMaster CRM system.