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Lead Nurturing

Getting from Prospect to Customer


How do you stay in touch with customers who aren't quite ready to buy and provide them with the information and insight they need to make a decision to do business with your company without spending valuable sales team time?

The answer is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing helps you keep your thumb on the pulse of those undeveloped prospects.

Don’t Have Time to do the Lead Nurturing?
No problem. LeadMaster provides a lead nurturing service at very reasonable rates. You provide the messages and collateral and we’ll do the rest.

What is Lead Nurturing?
Lead nurturing is any method used to build and foster relationships with would-be customers who aren’t ready to buy...yet. Since this is a huge portion of your pipeline at any given time, it pays to stay on their radar.

What used to be an individual activity via sales rep email programs is now greatly simplified with the use of automated lead management software. It has two main components:

1 - Internal systems to remind sales reps when and how to follow up with leads.
2 - External communications with prospects to maintain regular contact until the lead is ready to move forward.

The LeadMaster system addresses both functions. By utilizing our call center agents your company stays in touch with the prospects that often get lost in the void between marketing and sales.

In sales, there are hot leads and there are all the other leads. Most sales reps know how to handle hot leads but would rather steer clear of the others. LeadMaster’s call center reps specialize in handling those “other” leads and turning them into hot leads.

If you don’t have the time or the technology to manage your lead nurturing programs LeadMaster can help. Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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Getting Sales Ready Leads

LeadMaster experts will ensure your leads nurtured until they are sales ready.  LeadMaster will accurately capture the prospect information and ensure that all LeadMaster provided creative materials are brand compliant.  The sales ready leads are assigned to the sales team through our online CRM.



Getting up to speed

A lead may be nurtured for a month or a year, you need to know the history of that lead. Our telemarketers and lead drivers create a history of details so that the sales rep instantly knows the entire history of the relationship with that prospect.  As the sales rep engages with the prospect and updates the LeadMaster online CRM system, the progress of that engagement is available to sales and marketing management through LeadMaster reports. LeadMaster is committed to helping you take full advantage of the leads generated by your marketing efforts by nurturing leads until they're sales ready..



Lead Nurturing - Those Leads are Valuable, Don't Ignore Them

Your sales team needs a call center partner that produces more hot leads that turn into sales and nurtures the cool leads for future sales conversion. That’s the benefit of LeadMaster’s Call Center Solutions.