The LMDM Process

We communicate your message straight to your prospects and drive a call-to-action.

Our Proven Process

Helping Customers Grow Their Business


The LeadMaster process has been developed over the course of more than 800 campaigns. It's designed to give you the results and the reporting you need to be successful.LeadMaster Leads Process

Training for your Campaign:


For each new campaign we request an initial one hour train-the-trainer meeting where we meet with the campaign owner.  Here are some of the aspects we’ll discuss during that meeting.


    • Product Positioning

    • Value proposition

    • Market Position

    • Customer Pain Points We'll Address with this Program

    • Qualifying Questions

    • Key Competitors & Our Advantages

    • Key Objections & General Responses


LeadMaster Telesales Reps Skill Set:


LeadMaster has carefully assembled a team of mature, highly professional sales consultants based primarily on their proven sales and business experience. The LeadMaster telemarketing team is comprised of experienced industry sales consultants, with exceptional insight and technical skills.  An average Lead Generator will have come from a professional corporate background with a proven history of developing relationships with decision makers at a senior level and tend to be in the mid to later stages of their professional careers.


Our team of professionals understands that the key to successful prospecting is in the ability to engage in open-ended conversations.  The script is utilized as a call guide, allowing our team to initiate a dialogue and uncover details. The objective is to provide facts regarding upcoming projects, timeframes, budgets and solutions being considered. The LeadMaster team is focused on uncovering the opportunity, identifying the decision makers and delivering the information you need.


New Hire Training of LeadMaster Telesales Reps


LeadMaster has a large virtual team. We can meet the needs of most projects without hiring additional team members. When we do hire people we take their training seriously. The typical training cycle for new hires is two weeks, which includes intense training on your products, solutions, services and the LeadMaster processes. The weeks following training a rep is monitored by both management and peers to ensure they are able to perform their duties effectively.


We provide all employees ongoing training each month.  They also receive campaign specific training calls, weekly and monthly training calls to evaluate and review industry knowledge, lunch and learn sessions and training sessions by third party providers.


LeadMaster‘s training program encourages cross training for other positions within our company so that our best talent is able to a move to positions of increased responsibility.


Continuing Education for LeadMaster Telesales Reps


Our staffing process includes online testing and multiple interviews prior to engagement.  Once an agent is engaged they enter into a three-month trial period during which time an Agent Liaison monitors them closely.  This period includes mentorship, joint calling, role-playing, review of our training manual and review of call results on a daily basis. New agents are also given training specific to the products and solutions covered in their campaigns to augment their own background and to ensure they are fully aware of the most current offerings. We also ask our senior reps to share their knowledge among the team.


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