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Take Time to Revisit Your Assumptions about Prospecting


Prospecting is a key activity for the sales organization in most businesses. However, sales reps dread the thought of prospecting because the continuous rejection can be excruciating.

Having your sales team focused on prospecting may not be the best use of their time. Prospecting is a separate function from sales but it is closely linked. The art of prospecting is the art of determining unqualified vs. qualified leads and moving qualified leads to lead nurturing or the sales organization.


Old School?
Thinking that prospecting is a numbers game is an old-school way of thinking. What’s the point of contacting 100 cold leads if they don’t have the interest, budget, authorization or motivation to buy your product or service?


Scripts can sound canned but insisting on prospecting without a script is an approach that's less than ideal. Scripting provides the framework for a successful prospecting campaign because it allows you to test what qualifying questions work and enables you to change those that don’t work. The script can be personalized by the sales reps so the conversation doesn't sound ‘scripted.’


Concerned that having LeadMaster do your prospecting will cost too much?. It only takes a few minutes to determine if the lead is qualified or not. Our reps move politely and quickly to the next call if the prospect is unmotivated.


Let's get to know each other.
And finally, you don't need to set an appointment during the first interaction with a prospect. It’s much more effective to use a subtle approach...send them an information package. This allows you to build interest and rapport.

Sales prospecting done right can have a huge impact on your sales revenue. And that’s just one of the many call center solutions available from LeadMaster.


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Attempted Calls Are Not the Answer

The LeadMaster team is focused on uncovering the opportunity, identifying the decision maker and delivering the details of the conversation – all of which provide a much stronger foundation for actual sales than the “attempted calls” that many firms use to measure effectiveness.



Customized Scripts that Don't Sound Scripted

Our team of professionals understands that the key to successful prospecting lies in the ability to engage the prospect in open-ended conversations.  The script is utilized as a call guide, allowing our team to initiate a dialogue and uncover details. Every conversation is carefully evaluated and rated. The objective is to provide facts regarding upcoming projects, timeframes, budgets and solutions.  When measured by qualified leads per hour, LeadMaster is a true leader in professional prospecting.



Get the Information Out the Door

LeadMaster can prepare an appointment by sending out a packet of your company's literature prior to the appointment, therefore making it easier for the sales rep to close the deal quicker.