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Tarketing the Market

Why Segment the Market?


Imagine being a professional baseball pitcher and throwing the ball with a blindfold on. Without being able to see the catcher’s mitt (your target) it would be nearly impossible to hit it. The same can be said for business. Doing business without knowing what your target market is will prevent you from reaching your goals: increased sales, market share or brand awareness. It's just too expensive to go after people who would never have any interest in your product or service.

Because of the Internet, today’s consumers are more savvy than ever before. Rather than listen to sales people spout off scripted presentations, they need advocates who are willing to help them find real solutions. LeadMaster’s Call Center will target the market and provide you with reps to help you find new customers.

So how do you segment the market?
You need to focus on those prospects that are most likely to purchase what you’re selling. You can do this several ways:
• By specific solution

• By business process - strategic, operational or functional
• By industry
• By company size
• By geography
• By title
• By needs - reduce expenses, improve productivity, increase sales
• By customization required
• By future potential
• By sales channel
• By volume requirements

The idea is to narrow the target market so you are communicating with your best prospects. If you have a long sales cycle you’ll want to be sure you’ve correctly identified the target market because you could be working with these prospects for a long time.

How do you know which segment is best?
For an existing product the best way of determining your best target market is from past experience. That’s where the LeadMaster Lead Management CRM system offered through the call center services comes in. It has a feature called custom forms. It allows phone reps to capture virtually any type of data into your CRM system. By data mining that information you’ll be able to tell who your qualified customers are and you’ll be able to segment future prospects.


Many companies like to use custom forms for customer surveys. The LeadMaster CRM system also provides for integration with landing pages so online survey responses can be entered into the CRM system automatically.

Segmenting your target market is a best practice and the LeadMaster CRM system is a valuable tool with an extensive search engine that allows data mining on all the data, including custom forms. LeadMaster has extensive experience mining data and segmenting markets, just one of the many call center solutions offered by LeadMaster.


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It's Best to Segment Your Market

You'll never reach your target if you don't know what you are aiming for. Therefore you need a program customized for your company that will identify, qualify and target an audience specifically aimed at your market increasing your company’s revenue. 



Customer Savvy

Technology has made consumers more do-it-your-selfers and that's why they need an advocate who is willing to help them find real solutions. LeadMaster will help you be that advocate by finding out who your customers are and reaching out to them on your behalf.



Let's Go Data Mining

All completed prospect records are entered into the LeadMaster online CRM database in real-time, enabling the program manager to data mine against each customer response.  Many companies use Siebel or other CRM solutions; thus, for ease of use, LeadMaster integrates with such programs to provide a daily update to the customerʼs CRM of choice.