The LMDM Added Value

We'll get you the biggest bang for your buck.

Better people produce better results.

We invest in people.


For the most part, everyone in this business uses the same types of tools - telephones, tracking systems, CRM systems, etc. We believe it's the people who make the difference.


• Our business model - traditionally companies have invested in large call center buildings, Herman-Miller cubicles and call center phone switching systems. LeadMaster takes a different approach. We have a small call center with a large virtual workforce. Instead of investing in the building, we invest in the people.


• Our experience - for the most part you won't find kids fresh out of college working at LeadMaster. We hire people who have real world experience in the industries we serve and can have a high level conversation with a decision maker or C-level executive. People come to LeadMaster for a variety of reasons but they stay because they enjoy the work.


• Our process - we advise against reading a script. We want to engage your prospects in a conversation, a conversation about their needs and plans. We'll dig deep to find out about upcoming projects, budgets and decision makers so your sales team has the ammunition they need to close the deal. All through the process you'll get reporting to help you understand what's going on. If you go to market through partners we have a process to help you understand what's happening to those leads in the channel.


• Our technology - in addition to providing call center programs, business development services and lead generation campaigns LeadMaster is also a SaaS CRM company that specializes in Sales & Lead Management. The LeadMaster SaaS solution is in use in call centers around the world, including ours. It provides our customers with up-to-the-minute reporting through customizable dashboard reports. Whether you're a sales manager, a marketing manager, a sales executive or a senior executive you'll know exactly what's happening with your marketing campaigns and sales leads when you use LeadMaster.


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The LeadMaster Business Model

Our business model is different from most of our competitors. We have a small facility and large virtual workforce. With today's technology it is easy to monitor and manage people without having them sit in the same building.



Our Experience

After running 800 programs the experience and knowledgebase that has been accumulated is significant. If it involves lead generation chances are LeadMaster has delivered many similar programs successfully.



Our Process

We use a closed loop process so you know exactly what happened and when. That way you can understand what's working and what's not so you can make better business decisions.



Our Technology

Back in 1998 LeadMaster developed a CRM system that is in use by clients around the world today. We use that system to deliver your leads to you. You can watch the status of your program on your dashboard - in real-time.